Shardha Ashtmi


  • Apart from Mahayagya, this year Karyakarta Sammelan was held  which included all the workers and Incharge of various  Sections of activities. The  activites in various dimensions  of service to the society about 20 in number  are  being carried out by the Kendra at its centers formed  in Jammu and other places.
  • The Incharges of these Sections gave detailed report of the work being done in their respective areas of action. It was also reported that Sanksar Kendras have been formed to impart moral values of life among the coming up generation. The Incharge of holding  festivals reported that from the past 3 years on the occasion of Navreh Mahotsav contact has been estalibhsed at various places in the country and abroad. 
  • At the end of programme the Chairman SSK Dr. M. K. Bharat appealed the people to come forward to associate with the Kendra to carry ahead the service in various fields.  While highlighting the objective of SSK Dr. Bharat stressed that the Kendra is working for the Promotion of System and not for the projection of Person.  Vice Chairman SSK Shri Dwarika Nath ji, and Senior Trustees Shri Hirday Nath Ji Pandita &  Shri Brij Lal Marhatta  were on the deice.
  • The programme was conducted by Sh. Radhey Shyam Mussa and Vote of thanks was proposed by the General Secretary of the Kendra SSK Shri M. K. Bhat.


  • Chief Guest: Dr Rakesh Sinha, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, highlighted the contribution of Kashmiri Pandits to Indian culture and ethos and said that Kashmir had produced world famous scholars of Shastras.
  • Padmashri Dr KN Pandita and Dr Vikrant Ji Prant Kariwah were the special guests. Dr MK Bharat, President SSK, were also present on the occasion.
  • Late Prakash Ram Bhat (Kurgami) was conferred with prestigious ‘Sharda Saman’ which was received by Smt Veena and Anil Pandita.
  • On the occasion, the Chief Guest and other dignitaries released a digital magazine in Shardalipi amid thunderous applauds.
  • Certificates were also distributed among the achievers by the Chief Guest and other dignitaries on the occasion.
  • At the end, ‘maha bhog’ was also served among the audience after the culmination of Mahayagya.
  • proceedings of the programme were conducted by social activist, Radhey Shyam Mussa.


  • Prof JP Sharma, Vice-Chancellor, SK University of Agriculture Sciences and Technology, was the Chief Guest on the occasion.
  • Raj Nehru Vice Chancellor, Vishwakarma Skill University (VSU), Gurugram Haryana presided over the function.
  • On this occasion Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the Vishwakarma Skill University, Haryana and Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra (SSK) to revive and promote Sharada script under the provisions of propagating Indian languages in their original script.
  • Besides this, Certificates were also presented to the participants who successfully completed the Sharda Lipi learning Sanjay Pandita, Co-ordinator Shardalipi Section threw light on the steps taken by SSK in reviving the Shardalipi globally
  • As per past practice this year the Sharda Puraskar was conferred on Martyr Late Justice Nila Kanth Ganjoo which was presented to his son Shri Vasant Kumar Ganjoo.


  • ShardaAshtami, the Foundation Day of the ‘Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra’ a function was organized at Anand Nagar, Bohri to commemorate the auspicious day. However, this year, keeping COVID-19 pandemic norms a small function was organized which started with symbolic Pooja in which Samohik Maa Sharda Chaliesa was also recited by the devotees. 
  • Three new batches of Sharda Lipi learning courses were inaugurated during the function. Rupesh Kumar Prant Prachark Rashtrya Swayamsevak Sangh, through on line, praised the role of Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra in promoting the cultural heritage of Kashmiri Hindus.
  • On this occasion Sanjay Pandita was honored for his dedicated efforts in reviving the Sharda script and imparting teaching of Sharda script among participants. It is because of him that a dedicated team of 15 Sharda Lipi teachers is available with SSK
  •  Hridey Nath Pandita senior trustee of Kendra along with Prof. Sundeep Pandita coordinator Content Generation Team of SSK were present on the occasion


  • Chief Guest:- Member Parliament and Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Jugal Kishore Sharma
  • Guest of Honour:- .Commissioner Relief and Rehabilitation, T K Bhat
  • Programme Presided by:- Sh. Hirday Nath Pandita (Senior Trustee of Kendra)
  • Shardha Award Puraskar Presented to:- Ishwar Ashram Trust, Ishbor Gupt Ganga , Srinagar
  • Book Release:- Two books, one book titled Sharda Gyan Arjan-2019 compiled by the Vidyarthi Vibag (Students ‘wing) of the Kendra and the other book titled Some Places of Religious Heritage in Kashmir compiled by the content generation team of the Kendra were released.
  • Programme was conducted by :- Social Activist Sh. Maharaj Krishen Bhat


16-17 /09/2018


  • Chief Guest:- Prof Rakesh Sinha (M.P Rajya Sabha)

  • Guest of Honour:- Brig Suchet Singh (Prant Sangh Chalak R.S.S)

  • Programme Presided by:- Sh. Hirday Nath Pandita (Senior Trustee of Kendra)

  • Shardha Award Puraskar Presented to:- Prof R.L. Shant. (Poet, Writer and Social Activist)

  • Shardha Vandana Presented by:- Students of SICE Centre Bohri.

  • Programme was conducted by :- Radheyshyam ji.

  • Other Dignatries Present were:-

  •  Prof P.N. Trisal

  •  Sh. Ashok Koul

  •  Swami Kumar Ji.

  • A book Titled ‘Prepyun’ edited by Prof C.L. Raina was also released.


29/08/2017 (Tuesday)


  • Chief Guest:- Smt Priya Sethi Ji.

  • Guest of Honour :- Sh. Kumar Ji of Geeta Satsang Ashram Muthi.

  • Programme  Presided by:- Prof. P.N. Trisal.

  • Kendra Representation:-  Sh. Hirday Nath Pandita (Senior Trustee of Kendra)

  • Shardha Puraskar award Presented to:- KMCET (Kashmir Medical Emergency and Charitable Trust.

  • Bhajan Sung by:- Himanshu Pandita

  • Proceedings of Stage conducted by:- Sh. Radheyshyam Ji.


08-09/09/2016 (Thursday/Friday)


  • Chief Guest:- Dr. Jitendra Singh Ji. (MoS in Prime Minister Office) 

  • Guest of Honour:- Dr. K. N. Pandita (Former Director Centa Asian Studies K.U) and Swmai Pran Nath Bhat Gareeb ‘Bhai Ji’

  • Programme Presided by :- Sh. Hirday Nathb Pandita (Senior Trustee of Sanjeevani Shardha Kendra)

  • Dr Singh presented Shardha Puraskar to director Radio Shardha Ramesh Hangloo.

  • BJP State President Sat Sharma Party General Secretary(Org) Ashok Koul and Surinder attended the function.

  • Bhajan Kirtan by:- Sh. Rajesh Khar

  • Exhibition of :- Dresses of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladhakh organised by Bindraban Sher.

  • Proceedings of programme conducted  by:- Sh. Pardeep Ji Khoudbali.


21/09/2015 (Monday)


  • Chief Guest:- Prof Ashok Aima V.C Central University 

  • Guest of Honour:- Dr. K.N Pandita well Known Scholar 

  • Programme Presided by :- Prof T.N. Shalla. 

  • Amar Nath Ganjoo was honoured with Shardha Puraskar on the Occasion. 

  • The award was received by his son T.K Ganjoo on behalf.

  • Welcome address by:- Prof Hirday Nath Pandita.

  • Bhajan Kirtan by:- Shanti Lal sidha.

  • Book Publication:- ‘Kashmir ka Sangarshmayi Itihas’ 

  •   Proceedings of programme conducted  by      :- Dr. Maharaj Krishan Bharat.




  • On the occasion two scholars of community Dr. Kashi Nath Pandita and Master Zind Koul were awarded Shardha Puraskar.

  • Chief Guest:- Ved Kumari Ghai (Sanskrit Scholar),

  • Progarmme Presided by:-  Swami Ekarthanand Ji of Rama Krishna Mission,

  •  Guest of Honour:-   Jugal Kishore M.P and State President BJP, Swami Kumar Ji and others were present at function. 

  • Stage Management by:- Sh. Radhey Shyam Ji.


12-13/09/2013 (Thursday/Friday)


  • Chief guest :- Avinash Rai Khanna  .

  • Guest of Honour:- Swami Ekarthanand Ji Maharaj of Rama Krishana Mission 

  • The function was preside over by R.L. Shant.   

  •  On the occasion A.K. Razdan a noted writer and Sahitya Akadami Award winner, was presented with Shardha Puraskar.

  • Bhajan Sung by:- Smt. Nadan Ji.

  • Diece Management by:- Sh. Radhey Shyam Ji.


23/09/2012 (Sunday)


  • The function was presided over Anand swami Prem Nath Bhat Gareeb Bhai Ji.

  •  Chief guest :- Brg (Retd) Suchet singhPrant Sangh Chalak of R.S.S .

  •  Shardha Puraskar was awarded to T.N. Peshin a Prominent Social activist.

  • Certificate of Computer Courses sdistributed among the Students.

  • Bhajan Kirtan by:- Sh. Shanti Lal Sidha.

  • Diece Management by:- Sh. Radhey Shyam Ji.


04-05/09/2011 (Sun/Mon)


  •  The function was presided by P.N. Trisal 

  •  Chief guest:- Prem Kumar Ji Kshetriya Seh Pracharak  (RSS) 

  •  Annual Shardha Puraskar was given to Late Prof Sri Nath Tickoo of Mattan. 

  • Bhajan and Kirtan by:- Sh. Santosh Shah Nadan

  • Stage Proceedings by:- Sh. Parderep Ji.




  • Chief guest:- Prof P.N. Trisal, Pramahans Maha Mandleshwar, Swami Dayanand Saraswati of Kailash Vidhya Dham Chinore Bantlab 

  •  On the occasion Shardha Puraskar was presented to eminent Kashmiri Poet Moti Lal Saqi and eminent Social activist Makhan Lal Aima. 

  • Bhajan Kirtan by:- Shanti Lal Sidha

  • Vote of thanks by:- Sh. T. N. Pandita.

  • Proceeding of Stage is conducted by:- Sh. Pardeep Koul Ji (Khoudbali).




  • The stage was presided by Sh. Omkar Nath Kak.

  • Chief guest:- Prof Ramnika Jallali.

  • Guest of Honour:- Sh. Janaki Nath Jigyasoo

  • Certificate distribution of Computer Courses 

  • Certificate distribution of Shardha Lipi Courses

  • Shardha Puraskar award Goes to:-

  • Sh Hargopal Koul.

  • Sh. Arjan Dev ‘  Majboor’. 

  • Proceeding of Programme  is conducted by Sh. Raheyshyam Ji (Musa) and Sh Pardeep Ji (Khaudbali).

  • Votes of thanks by:- Sh. T.N. Shalla Ji.


08/09/2008 (Monday)


  • The stage was presided by Sh. Triloki Nath Pandita.

  • Chief Guest:- Lila Karan Sharma

  • Key Speaker:- Prof Dr. Bushan Lal Koul.

  • Computer Certificate courses distributed among the students of (SICE)

  • Shardha Puraskar award goes to:-

  • Chief Guest Lila Karan Sharma ji 

  • Bhajan sung by:- Smt Naina Saproo Ji.

  • Welcome address by:- Sh Hirday Nath Pandita.

  • Vote of thanks by:- Sh. T.N. Pandit

  • Proceedings of diece conducted by:- Sh. Pardeep Khaudbali Ji.


20/09/2007 (Friday)


  • Shardha Puraskar Award goes to:-

  • Late Jyotshi Pandita Keshav Bhat and

  •  President Zeshta Devi Prabandak Committee Kuldeep Raina.

  • Brig (Retd) Suchet Singh Prseident Purav Sainik Parishad weho was he chief guest on the occasion.

  • Publication of Book by Chief guests Book Name :- “Joaraja’ of V.N Draabu

  • Certificate distribution of Computer courses SICE  

  • Key Speaker:- Prof V.N. Draabu.

  • Welcome address by:- Dr. R.L. Bhat.

  • Vote of thanks by:- Sh. Pardeep Koul Ji

  • Proceedings of Stage by :- Prof Dr. B.L Koul.


01/09/2006 (Friday)


  • Chief Guest:- Swami Prem Nath Gareeb Bhai Ji.

  • Guest of Honour:- Sh. Rakesh Kumar Ji (Prant Pracharak R.S.S)

  • The programme was presided by Prof T.N. Shalla (President Sanjeevani Shardha Kendra)

  • Welcome address presented by:- Dr. R.L.Bhat.

  • Vote of thanks presented by T.N. Peshin.

  • Proccesdings of diece by :- Sh.  Pardeep Khoudbali Ji

  • Prgramme,s  main attraction:-

  • Certificate distribution of Computer courses.

  • Mohini Gyanaarajan Scholarship distribution.

  • Shardha Puraskar Award Presented to:-

  • Shaheed Sarwanand Koul Preemi, (award taken by his son.)

  • Dr. Bushan Lal Koul

  • Bhajan Sung by:- Pyare Lal Bhat.


11/09/2005 (Sunday)


  • On the occasion this year,s prestigious Shardha Puraskar goes to:

  •  Pt. Amar Nath Vaishnavi who was recently declared ‘’The Father of Community’’ for his services (Award presented by Swami Girjanand Ji Maharaj)

  •  Sh. Sunil Koul Ji. (Award presented by Dr. K.L. Bhatia)

  • Chief Guest :- Swami Girja Nand Maharaj of Swami Rama Krishna Mission Udheywalla Bhori  

  •  Swami Sachdanand was the special guest and

  • Prof. K.L. Bhatia Seh Sangchalak R.S.S as the guest of honour .

  • The function was presided over by T.N. Pandita.

  • Certificate distribution of Computer Programme courses was also presented by Swami Girja Nand Ji Maharaj.


22/09/2004 (Wednesday)


  • The function was presided over by Prem Nath Bhat Gareeb Bhai Ji, Vishwa Murti Shastri  and Bal Krishen Ji. 

  • All India Sah Vivisthan parmukh of R.S.S was the guest of honour. 

  • Proceedings of diece is conducted by Sh Pardeep Koul.

  • Vote of thanks was presented by T.N. Pandita.

  • Shardha Puraskar award goes to:–

  • Sh. Dina Nath Yaksha

  • Sh. Ashok Ji Pandit (Absent)




  • Prof K.N Pandita and Pt. Triloki Nath Tickoo a Crusader of KP,S rights have been presented this year,s prestigious Shardha Puraskar.

  • The function was presideds by Justice (Retd) B .L.Bhat and among others Rakesh Ji Prant Pracharak R.S.S and M.L.A Rishi Kumar Kaushal also attended it.

  • Proccedings  is conducted by Hirday nath Pandit.

  • Bhajan Kirtan by Shanti Lal Sidha

  • The books were released  are as under:-

  • ‘’Shardha” written by Dr. Bushan Lal Koul.

  •  Hnauman Chalisa in Kashmiri Language translated by Pyare Lal Bhat.



  • Inaugration of Shardha Pustakalya.

  • Shardha Puraskar award goest to :-

  • Prof Bal Ji Nath Pandit.

  • Sh Prem Nath Bhat.

  • Chief Guest :- Swami  Chinmyanand Saraswati (M.P)

  • Key Speaker:- Sh Indresh Kumar Ji.

Shardha Institiute of Computer Education connected with internet – shardhakendra31@reddifmail.com




  • Debate was organised among the students.

  • The programme was Presided by the Smt. Vimla Raina

  • Chief Guest— Sh Indresh kumar Ji.

  • The Shardha puraskar award of the year goes to :-

  • Jyotishi Prem Nath Shastri and Sh Tika Lal Taploo 




  • Sanjeevani  Shardha Kendra holds one day Seminar on Shardha Script.  

  • The function was chaired by Dr. Pran Nath Trisal well Known Scholar and linguist.

  • The three Research Papers are presented by :-

    • Dr. Bushan Lal Koul

    •  Dr. Rattan Lal Bhat & Sh. Dina Nath Yaksha




  • The Occasion was graced by Sh. Moti lal Koul Ji Brahmchari, Sh Indresh Kumar of RSS Himgiri Prant, Sh. Pushkar Ji of Posh Bab Ashram Gangyal, Mr. D.K Kotwal MLC and State President of BJP, Mr. Rajesh Ji Seh Pracharak R.S.S and a large number of eminent personalities.

  • The Puja was followed by inauguration of Construction work of Shardha Bhawan in Kendra Premises by Holy Saints.




  • The function was Presided by P.K .Kalla. 

  • Chief Guest :-  Dr. Rattan Lal Shant. 

  • The shardha lipi teaching programme was started.



  • Prant Pracharak Himgiri Prant, Mr Indresh Kumar has called for a liberation of Shardha Peeth. Speaking at religious function held at Anand Nagar Bhori in Connection with Shardha Ashtami.