Remembrance of Martyrs

Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra Paid tribute to the martyrs of 1947-48. (13/02/2024)

A memorial function was organized at Sharda Bhawan Bohri, Jammu under the aegis of Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra to pay tributes to the forgotten sacrifices of Jammu and Kashmir especially who were brutally massacred in the Pakistani invasion of 1947 – 48. On this occasion, two minutes silence was also observed for the supreme sacrifice of Indian army and selective killings of other community of faith who laid their lives for the integrity and sovereignty of India.

The chief guest of the function and member advisory committee of POJK, Mr. R K Chhibber, while addressing the gathering threw light on the incidents of Pakistani invasion in the territory of India in Jammu and Kashmir after the partition and said that it has been recorded as a black day in history .  Speaking as the keynote speaker on this occasion, Dr. Ramesh Taimri left the gathering emotional by giving details of the heart-wrenching incidents of the days of 1947-48.

Remembrance of 1967 Parmeshwari Andolan on 27/08/2023

Dr. Gautam Mengi presided over the function.  The main speaker on the occasion were Mr. Shiban Khabri eminent column writer, and prominent social activist Shri Ashok ji Braroo.

A book written by eminent fiction writer Shri Ashish Kaul entitled “1967 Kashmir Ka Parmeshwari Anodhalan” was also released on this occasion. Sh Ashish Kaoul in his brief address through virtual mode expressed that sabotaging  of 1967 agitation by the government agencies resulted into by 1990 turmoil.

Dr. M. K. Bharat Chairman SSK proposed vote of thanks . He said that it is the need of  time to highlight the real narrative in the context of Parmeshwari Movement. This Movement was organized in a strong and fearless way for self-respect and this agitation shook even the government of that time.

A soulful song “Shaurya Gthayein humse sunlo” was recited by Mayur Sudeshi.Programme was compared By Sh. Tej Krishan Jigyasu who also welcomed the guests

list of unsung martyers of 1947-48 martyred during Kabali Pak Aggration :

Remembering our Martyers of 1947- 48.. The retreating invaders on the day of Shivechaturdashi committed mass massacres in most of the villages in Kashmir (20th January, 2023 this year)

2008 - Amarnath Vaishnavi Ji Remembering

A Shradhanjali Sabha was organized by Rashtriya swayamsevak Sangh Kashmir Vibagh today on 13th July in connection with paying rich tributes to Sh Amar Nath Ji Vaishnvi on his 13th day of demise at SSK Anand Nagar Bohri Jammu. Prant Sangh Chalak  Brigd. Suchait Singh while paying tributes described Sh Vaishnvi Ji an Aadarsh Swayamsevak who worked for preservation and protection of culture of exiled community in particular and promotion of national sprit among the young generations till last breath of his death. Others who paid tributes included Sh Parshootam Dadichi Prant Karivah RSS, Prof P N Trisal, Sh Ball Krishan Vaishnavi, Sh Ashok Braroo, Dr Susheel wattal, Sh Kashmiri Lal Bhat, Dr  Rama Kant Dubai, Sh Ashwani Chrungoo, Sh Hira Lal Chatta, Sh H L Bhat, Sh Surinder Ambardar. Earlier Photo of Sh A N Vaishnvi Ji was garlanded by Brigd Suchait Singh, Sh O N Kak , Sh Ball Krishan and Sh T N Pandita Chairman Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra which was afterwords installed in the Photo Gallery of the SSK hall.

2008 - Krishan Joo Razdan Divas



  • The function was presided by B.L. Razdan Director General of Income Tax Department.

  • Chief guestWhile Prof P.N. Trisal eminent linguist.

  • Vote of thanks by:- Prof T.N. Shalla.:- 

  • Diece Management by:-  :- Dr. M.K.Bharat.


25/01/2009 – Tributes pay to martyrs of 1947.


  • Chief Guest:- (Brg) S.S. Saini.

  • Guest of Honour:- Dr. K.N. Pandita (JKNM)

  • The stage presided by Sh T.N. Pandita (President S.S.K)

  • Master Ayush recited the poem in Programme.


  • Programme presided by:- Prof Prithvi Nath Mandup 
  • Chief guest :-Dr. Jitendra Singh, National Executive Member and Chief Spokesperson of BJP 
  • Stage Proceedings by :- M.K. Bhrat.


Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra Jammu today organized a function in memory of the martyrs of Pakistan sponsored trial invasion in 1947 at Jagti Migrant township. The function was presided over by noted scholar Dr K.N. Pandita and Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister Sh. Tara Chand was Chief Gust on the occasion. While addressing the function, dwelt on the back ground of tribal invasion and on the atrocities committed on innocent people in Kashmir by the invaders Sh. Tara Chand recounted the supreme sacrifice rendered by the troops lead by Brig Rajinder Singh pushing the invaders who had reached the outskirts of Srinagar. 


Dr. K.N. Pandita in his address described the tribal invasion as the first exercise of carrying out the ethnic cleansing in Kashmir. Thousands of Hindus from North Kashmir had to flee their homes and some unable to flee preferred death rather succumb to the wishes and orders of Pak tribals. They were remembered for their preference to be killed rather than to change Dharma or to facilitate the Kashmir to be acceded to Pakistan. Sh. Jugal Kishore MLA BJP while paying tributes said, it was unfortunate that innocent civilians including women and children were tortured to death and gunned down. Other speaker S. Suchvinder Singh State Spokes Shrimani Akali Dhal Badal who said that the tribal invasion has resulted in displacement of Kashmiri Hindus including large number of Sikhs. He demanded Govt. should provide minority status to the minorities in Kashmir. The continuous atrocities committed on minorities in Kashmir has resulted into mass exodus in 1989-90 as the tragedy befell and Kashmiri Hindus had no other alternative but to migrate from Kashmir to save their lives and honour. 


He also highlighted the slow migration of Sikh community from Kashmir due to unemployment. Sh. Maharaj Krishen one of the speakers of Jagti Camp highlighted the problems being faced by the camp inmates and paid his tributes to the martyrs. Master Ayush Trakroo recited the heart touching poem. Welcome address was read by Sh. T.N. Pandita Chairman of Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra. The stage was conducted by Dr. M.T. Krishan Dhar. A book “Kashmir Pakistani Tribal Attack 1947” written by Dr. K. N. Pandita was released on the occasion. The function commenced with garlanding the name list of Martyrs.


A function was organised In Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra, Anand Nagar Bohri on Sunday, the 10th February to pay tributes to the martrys of 1947 -48. The function was presided over by Prof T.N.Shalla.The Chief Guest On the occasion was Member National Execetive Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Dr.Jitender Singh. Vijay Bakaya , MLC(National Conference) was the Guest  of Honour . Dr Jatinder Singh and Vijay Bakaya supported political empowerment of Kashmiri Hindus of 1947-1948.Vijay Bakaya , MLC(NC) while addressing the gathering supported the political empowerment of Kashmiri Hindus and asked community leaders and organizations to unite to achieve the goal of political empowerment .He also asked government to pass Temples and Shrines Bill without further delay . 


Dr Jatinder Singh in his speech   assured full support  for political empowerment of Kashmiri Hindus and passage of Temples and Shrines Bill. He ruled that despite being introduced in the JK State Assembly for the last two years, the most important Bill aiming to preserve the priceless cultural heritage o Kashmiri Pandits is gathering dust. He criticized the State Government in this regard and said that the total apathy of the government in this matter was due to the lack of political will of the ruling coalition. ‘Need of the time is to carry forward the present struggle onwards, withen the new generation’, he stressed. B.L.Saraf, retired judge, legal luminary and prominent intellectual presented a detailed view of political empowerment and minority status as well as passage of Temples and Shrines Bill. A large galaxy of intellectuals and community members from all walks participated in the function.   Rich tributes were paid to the Martrys of 1947-48.The function was compered by Dr.Bharti. A soul stirring song by Chetena Raina moved everybody present in the function.  The Vote of thanks was given by J.L.Bhat   and welcome address was presented by T.N.Pandita Chairman of the Sanjeevani  Sharda Kendra.

2015 - Kariakram 1967 Agitation

An interactive session on 1967 Hindu Agitation was held in Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra  on Sunday. The speakers on the occasion  delineated on the various aspects of the struggle of 1967. Noted columnist Shiben Khaibri ,  Chairman of Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra  Prof. T N Shalla and eminent critic and scholar  Prof. P N Trishal  were in the presidium.  


The speakers were unanimous in the view  that the struggle was not  only against the forced conversion  of a Kashmiri Hindu girl but also against the pent up  injustice meted out to the community from 1947 onwards. An appeal was made to the masses to handover any material with them related to this agitation, to the Kendra so that a proper compilation of this historical  agitation becomes possible. 


In the interaction session   A K Raina, A K Braroo, Chand Ji Pandita, Pradeep Koul Upinder Ambardar, T N Jigyasoo and Sanjeev Kheir participated. Prof P N Tishal summed up the session with his first hand experience of the atrocities of 1967 agitation on Kashmiri Hindues.   Suneel Gorkha conducted the proceedings. Earlier floral wreaths were  laid on the  plaque commorating the seven  martyrs of the 1967 agitation. Copies of the book titled  Wail  of the Vail complied by the Hindu Action Committee of 1967 struggle  was put on the sale.


Glowing Tributes were paid to the MARTYERS OF 1967 –KASHMIRI PANDIT  AGITATION in a simple but impressive function held here at  Sanjeevani Sharda  Kendra, Jammu. Recalling the martyrdom of youngmen Mharaj Krishen Razdan, Hardey Nath Matto and many other, vetern community leader & one of the guiding spirits of the agitation Sh H. N. Jattu  described layer by layer the developments of the Sangersh which started from Rainawari Srinager and shook the whole state as well the national capital.  


He lamented the lackadaisical approach  of the then Chief Minister late Sh G M Sadiq regarding the fundamental demand of the K.P. Samaj  at that time, which even today seems to be part of pseudo-secular mindset being implemented at the cost of nationalistic sentiments. Sh Ashok Koul  General Secretary(ORG) State BJP who was presiding the function, appreciated the role of Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra for bringing the historical agitation of 1967 once again  into lime light. Social  activist  cum youth leader of that era  Sh. Ashok Braroo  highlighted the role of youth at that time  & emphasized the huge potential and “ jazba “  of  the community  prevailing  even during  present  times  of exile .


Advocate   Sh. Ravinder Raina, Presdent, ASKPC  felt need to mark the occasion in a more prominent way and recalled the famous slogan “ Jaikarra“  echoing from the historic premises of  Shitalnath  Srinagar. Sh. Bindraban Sher a member of SSK recalled  the  role  and  contribution of  Maatre Shakthi of the valley particularly that of the  Mattan  area including  young firebrand girl   Santosh Khaar  and many others. A huge glaxy of 1967 agitation era activists—  SH. Gopi Krishen Muju ,  Bansi Lal Matto, Shaheed  Maharaj Krishen Razdans’ kins  alongwith  MLC Sh Ajay Bharti, Opinder Bhat, Prof P N Trisal and Dr Ramesh Razdan paid Shradanjali to these unsung martyers. Sh H N Pandita senior trustee of Kendra proposed vote of thanks. The Karikram was compared  by Sh T K Jigyasoo.