नमस्ते शारदे देवी काश्मीर पुरवासिनि | त्वामहं प्रार्थये नित्यं विद्यादानं च देहि मे ||

Salutations to you, O  Devi Sharda, Goddess of wisdom , the one who abides in Kashmira, 
always I pray to you, bestow the  gift of self wisdom, O Devi.

संजीवनी शारदा केन्द्र जम्मू कश्मीर

Three Day Navreh Mahotsav


8th April 2024 (Tyaag Divas),

9th April 2024 

(Sankalap Divas) &

10th April 2024  (Shaurya Divas)


Navreh Mahotsav -2024

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Three Day Navreh Mahotsav


8th April 2024 (Tyaag Divas),

9th April 2024 

(Sankalap Divas) &

10th April 2024  (Shaurya Divas)


Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra believes in the Promotion of the System and not in the projection of a person.


Socio, cultural, economic & educational empowerment of the exiled community.


• To foster brotherhood, unity & Rashtriyavad. 


• To inculcate the intrinsic moral values among the community members which we have inherited from our forefathers over the centuries through the blessings of Maa Sharda. 


• To promote philosophy of Hindu dharma as was practiced in Kashmir as per Sharda tradition leading to spiritualism, peace & harmony. 


• To protect, promote & cultivate Kashmiri Pandit socio-cultural –religious traditions & values. 


• To bolster socio-economic development of the community.

• To promote educational-skill development of the community youth to make them self-reliant. 

• To expose the community children to the glorious past and rich heritage of the Kashmir valley & inculcate among them values of selfless service & sacrifice. 

• To promote self-reliance & empowerment of the Community women. 

• To establish a library with resources covering all areas of culture, traditions, religion, history & all exodus data.


Serving & Sharing

The aim of the Trust is to provide a congenial platform to our community so as to propagate the cultural & religious values which is our proud inheritance from our forefathers. At the same time Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra also addresses to the educational inheritance and connects actively with the community children & youth, making them aware of our past glory, bringing within the ambit of their knowledge the sacrifices of Kashmiri icons in the past history, the advent of sages & spiritualists, the contribution of educationists and imbibing in them the concept of nationalism and last but not the least, making them feel proud Indians.

Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra
Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra
नवरेह महोत्सव के संबंध में पदम श्री डॉ के.एन.पंडिता द्वारा अपील
Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra
Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra
Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra
Saptreshi Samvat- 5097
The pious land of Kashmir (Kashyap Bhumi) has been associated with saints since time immemorial and has a legendary and glorious historical past, stretching over thousands of years.

*King Lalitaditya*
8th century

Our younger generation perhaps are not aware of the fact that Kashmir has produced the likes of Lalitaditya Muktapida, the famous Kashmiri King who established his kingdom during eighth century from central Asia upto Bengal in east and Konkan in south. In Kashmir next day of Navreh was celebrated as Vijay Divas (“Shaurya Divas”) as the day of victory over Arbs by King Lalitaditya.
Till 14th century, Kashmir was a land of peace loving intellectuals and spiritualists.

*Shriya Bhat,* 15th century.
The Indian history records the great contribution in saving the Hindu culture by a Kashmiri Pandit Shriya Bhat, as early as the 15th century. Shriya Bhat was able to cure a dreadful disease of Sultan Zain-ul-Abdiin and was offered enormous wealth and property. But Shriya Bhat instead negotiated for safety and security of Kashmiri Pandits and their religious places. Shriya Bhat was successful not only in rebuilding the destroyed temples but also bringing back the Kashmiri Hindus who had left the valley due to Islamic terrorism during 14th century.
In Kashmir the Hindus used to celebrate annually the self-sacrifice of Pandit Shreya Bhat as “Tyaag Divas” on Chaitra Amavasi.

This year the Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra, Bohri, Jammu has formulated a three days programme (with the support of other Kashmiri hindu organizations) with the intention to celebrate the Tyaag and Shaurya Divas and urge the Kashmiri Samaj to take a pledge for returning to our Homeland on the auspicious occasion of Navreh.

The details of the programme are:

*Monday, 12th April, 2021:* TYAAG & SAMARPAN DIVAS

Online competition for youth upto age of 35 years. A 5-minute audio/video about life & sacrifice of Pandit Shreya Bhat. Essay writing on life and works of Shreya Bhat in Hindi / English / Kashmiri languages/ Sharda Lipi in more than 300 words.

*Tuesday, 13th April, 2021:* NAVREH SANKALAP DIVAS
Kashmiri Hindu Samaj is urged to take a pledge as per the Sankalap patra preferably in traditional dresses, at the time of Brahma mahurat while having darshan of the Navreh Thal. Upload selfies of the same on social media.

*The entries Audios/Video can be submitted on WhatsApp no- 8082874950
& Essay Writeup on email: sskjammu@gmail.com
*Wednesday, 14th April, 2021:* SHAURYA DIVAS

Param Pujya Sarsanghchalak Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh,
*Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji*
has kindly consented to address online on this occasion at 7pm (IST) via
Facebook page of Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra
(Link : https://www.facebook.com/sskkashmir/).

All the members of the Kashmiri Samaj globally are requested to participate whole heartedly in all the programmes and be part of these historical moments.

For participating in the celebrations of Navreh Mahoutsav 2021 pl register yourself vide link--

Team SSK
Contact Numbers : 9419110310, 9419137162

ANAND NAGAR, Bohri, Jammu- 180002
sskjammu@gmail.com : Phone : 0191-2501480
Website: www.sanjeevanishardakendra.com
Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra
Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra
Registration for participating in the celebration of Navreh Mahoutsav 2021 from 12th April to 14th April . ******************************************* 12th April : Tyaag & Samarpan Divas (remembrance of Pt. Shriya Bhat ) *******************************************13th April: Navreh (First Navratra) Sankalp Divas ******************************************* 14th April: Shauraya Divas, Paramm Pujya Sarsanghchalak Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Dr Mohan Baghwat Ji has kindly consented to address (online) on this occasion and timing will be 7:00 Pm
Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra
Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra
Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra was live.
Samohik Shiveratri Karikram organised by Sanjeevani Sharda Kendra on 14th March, 2021at Jammu.. Chief guest Swami Dinesh Bharti ji, Guest of honour..सुश्री Vimershi Koul...
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